falta algo – i lack something

A vision of my future. I realize that I have the responsibility to create the environment in my home. And I also notice that I’m not satisfied with my efforts or results for the past four years. I don’t like the way I’m maintaining my space. And I definitely have too much stuff.

So the question before me is what kind of home do I want to create for myself and my family? What kind of space do I want to live in? What’s my vision?

This has been coming up a lot at work as well, from the project management point of view. My manager and I have been discussing how lack of a goal is simply not acceptable—we need to know where we are aiming for, what our target is. We define the project.

So why haven’t I done this for my home? Why do I cling to clutter that I *know* I don’t need. No, wait. The question ‘why?’ is easy thing to get hung up on, but is often necessarily for a complete understanding of the root causes of the current condition.

There is an illusion of security and rootedness in clutter that I tend to gravitate towards. But what’s true is that I need to feel secure in myself and all of this crap has nothing to do with that.

So, what do I want to create? What is home? Moving to the new apartment is waking up my nesting instinct.
Home is the one place in the world that must be safe and feel warm, welcoming, and secure. How do I express that visually, especially with the constraints of what I have?


…listens to Joanna Macy interview on CBC

the universe doth provide :)