The Inevitable Day is Here:
Welcome to the World of
Industrial Organic

Earthbound Farms (owned/controlled by Tanimura and Antle) Organic Spinach may be contaminated with e. coli. One person has died.

Wendy’s Homestyle Garlic Croutons may be contaminated with salmonella.

The spinach has been distributed in both the United States (over 20 different states) and Canada.

Yet another reason to buy local, fresh foods and prepare (and wash!) them yourself.

Industrial organic has many of the same difficulties as any other industrial food chain. Mistakes are propogated widely and have little actual impact on the producer. Do you think Tanimura and Antle are going to actually change any of their farming practices? At least if I buy my spinach from the farmer at the farmer’s market tomorrow and it makes me sick, I’m pretty damned sure that small, local farmer is going to do his or her best to make sure that it isn’t going to happen again by changing how things are done. Earthbound will write off the loss and get back to business as usual.

Not to mention what’s going to happen when oil gets too expensive to ship spinach in nitrogen-filled plastic bags from California. Will there be any spinach farmers left in southern Ontario to buy my food from? Or have they all been run out of business by cheap industrial food?

And why are farmers going under at a record pace while giant agricultural corporations are posting record profits? There is something wrong with a capitalist system that allows this to happen. Our food supply is in the hands of megacorporations whose first concern is shareholder profits. Who needs terrorists to threaten us? Just as the Soviet Union collapsed from the failure of its system to meet the needs of its citizens, without any intervention from the West needed, so too do our capitalist democracies have within them the seeds of their own destruction. No help from bin Laden necessary.

That 50-acre “hobby” farm is looking better and better.