So that’s why Walmart is going organic

Democrats working for Walmart, Republicans working for the unions, bad press all over the place. West Wing meets the boardroom. International relations too–Walmart is a *huge* consumer of Chinese goods. Yep, the same China who’s leader was spectacularly dissed by the US government only days ago. No wonder Walmart is courting the organic-eaters of North America. Unfortunately, “organic” and “Walmart” are diametrically opposed. Walmart’s supplier policy of “It’s gotta be 5% cheaper next year” simply won’t work when it comes to agriculture. Organic is more than simply growing crops without spraying chemicals on them. It also has do to with growing and selling locally, reducing our footprint on the earth.

So, what’s Walmart going to do when oil hits $100/barrel and it costs more to ship the stuff from China than it costs for the items themselves? Guess is won’t be such a deal then. And guess who’s going to suffer? The beleagured Walmart employees and the folks who don’t have enough money to shop anywhere else. But hey, they’re the underclass, right? We don’t care about them as long as our Walmart stock keeps paying dividends, right? Yeah, right.

And that’s why I hate shopping at Walmart.


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