BSG 2.11 – The Plot Thickens

For those of you who don’t already know, my latest media obsession is the absolutely awesome Battlestar Galactica. While we were at Mike & Nicole’s house yesterday, Bryan said, in front of witnesses, that he didn’t care if I watched the episodes without him. Being a person who takes others at their word, when Bryan fell asleep putting Brianna to bed, I popped in season 2, episode 11, the continuation of the Pegasus storyline.


Okay, aside from the fact that I don’t entirely trust Starbuck to carry out Adama’s mission, the part that I find intriguing is that Number 6 (Pegasus prisoner) wants to die. This prompts her to spill apparently vital information to the humans: the mystery Cylon ship following them is the Resurrection ship. The technology that allows them to download their consciousness to a new body when the current physical body dies.

Destroying the Resurrection ship means that any Cylons killed after that are dead, truly dead. Free from the cycle of death and rebirth. Liberated. Do I have to comment on the Buddhist thread here?

Not to mention the fact that Number Six (Gaius Dream Girl) is the most devoted fundamentalist follower of her God that I could imagine. Number Six (Pegasus prisoner) was severely tortured and gang-raped—was that what destroyed her faith? And what does it mean that Cylons—the robots—have the capacity to suffer? A Buddhist would say that the Cylons are sentient beings. And because we vow to save *all* sentient beings, we gotta save the Cylons too.

I love the perspective shift here: the humans are polytheistic. Pagan. They have a pantheon of gods, based on the Romans of Earth. The Cylons believe in the One True God. Number Six (Gaius’ Dream Girl) has unwavering faith in God’s plan.

I’m so glad I found this show.