Rising Tide

Now that I’ve developed some awareness around the issue of fear, I’m much more likely to recognize it in my day-to-day life. Right now, I have it in spades—my heart is racing, adrenaline released, on the verge of panic scared. Of what? Every day life. Of making the thousand of little decisions necessary when raising a young child. Of I don’t know what.

Of course, to focus on what might happen next only engenders more fear. Every day, time to sink back into the moment and just do what I’m doing. Eventually, this too shall pass. (Including the fear that it won’t.)

Somehow, universe, I’d really like to learn how to take that energy and use it for creation instead of destruction. At least I’m currently in limbo instead of active destructive mode—hey, more progress! Yay me!

Meticulous kindness, how do I practice that in the here and now? Let’s go find out…