Everybody’s a Zen master

So I had my much anticipated appointment with my psychiatrist yesterday. Dr. J and I discussed the medication situation. The only thing that works (the herbal stuff) isn’t something he can prescribe and at this point in the game (30 years of dealing with mental illness, whee!), there isn’t anything else to try. While acknowledging “you gotta do what you gotta do,” he noted that medication (Seroquel et al.) was only a “band-aid. The real thing you gotta do is deal with that well of anger that’s being triggered by your daughter.”

Go deeper.

I’m left wondering if this is how Frodo felt when he realized that the only way that the ring would be destroyed is by casting it into the fire from whence it came. The epic journey into the true heart of darkness to exorcise demons I am terrified to face. There is work to be done.

There is also care to be taken in how this is taken up. There are innocent bystanders who need to be protected.

Many things to do:
Find a way to heal anger.
Snow softly falling.

snow at dawn