For the first time since I emigrated to Canada, I am going to vote in a U.S. election. Even better, I’m going to vote in the Democratic primary (hopefully—the logistics of doing so may prevent it).

I’m very concerned about the election down south. Although the Canadian economy is fundamentally different than the U.S. economy (budget surplus vs. deficit, net oil exporter vs. oil junkie), the U.S. economy is such a juggernaut that when it faceplants, we’re going to feel the downward pull in a big way.

More important than the money is the character. I have to vote for Barak Obama, if only to send a major wakeup call to the present day politicians. Business as usual is not okay. Not that I’ve ever been okay with it—I believe with all my heart that electoral fraud helped elect George W., a.k.a. “The Shrub”. This is not okay!

Why do I believe this? Because my mother was the person who answered the phone the day the media started calling about problems with the voting process back in 2000. My mom *knew* the woman who designed the ballot with the hanging chads (“We sent Theresa a box of cookies and told her we were behind her.”) Hundreds, if not thousands, of people were purged from the voter’s lists in the Democratic-friendly black and Jewish areas of West Palm Beach county. People who only found out that they were not allowed to vote when they showed up at the polls. People who would have tipped the state of Florida for Gore, giving him enough votes in the electoral college that he would have been sworn in as president. People who weren’t allowed to vote because their names were similar to the name of a convicted felon. Fraud.

Anyway, I intend to vote this time around, both in the primary and the general election. As much as I have embraced my new country, Canada, I am still a U.S. citizen. I assert my right to vote.

2 thoughts on “Vote!

  1. I’m excited to vote in a primary where the outcome is not already determined. I’m very excited to vote for either the first woman president or the first African-American president, probably the latter. I live in Maryland, so Tuesday is it for me.


  2. I didn’t make it due to illness—that’ll learn me to go to the doctor sooner next time. I’m rooting for Obama. Come next fall, I will be voting, no matter what!

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