The Straight Dope on “Water-boarding”

I have been a fan of The Straight Dope for many years. Cecil and his cohorts have looked into many strange, wonderful, and weird questions and provided just what they said they would: the straight dope, the truth unvarnished or as close to it as is humanly possible.

Now, Scylla, one of the The Straight Dope’s member/posters takes on the question of whether or not waterboarding is torture. Although it is Christmas Eve, or maybe because it is, his findings are important reading. We need to act to stop this practice, now. There is no cause for treating another human being this way, no matter what they’ve done or are planning to do.

Read The Straight Dope here.

And here’s where I offer up healing and wholeness for all those who have suffered this torture and for those who inflict it. Healing is needed all around here.