Snow and lice

Two signs that the year is getting older and solstice is not far off: the first snowfall, which started about 10 pm. Serious scraping of frozen wet flurries stuck to the windows of the car were needed. The second sign is less picturesque: the phone call from the school at about 2:45 informing me that my child has head lice and can I please come pick her up.

Brianna was overjoyed to be going home from school early. We stopped at Shopper’s Drug Mart and got the stuff (pyrethrins-based shampoo, zinc creme, new headbands).

“Don’t kill it! I don’t want to hurt nature!” is what Brianna howled when I found my first nit in her hair. Unfortunately, I could not comply with her request to save nature. But I was impressed with her innate Buddhaness. Way to go kid!

Let me tell you, lice are not fun. Nasty shampoo, lots of detailed combing, and laundry out the wazoo. Pillows, pillowcases, sheets, hats, blankets, coats. Anything that touches the head gets cleaned. She got to bed around 10:30, Bryan and I around midnight.

Happy winter!

One thought on “Snow and lice

  1. Both the schools my kids attend have lice outbreaks, so I’m expecting to go this route any day.

    I wish we had snow – we had our first frost this morning, and I’ve been horribly cold all day, but it’s a clear, colorful fall mid-Atlantic day.



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