Brianna came home from school JK last week singing “reverse, reverse” and doing a little dance move with her hands that kinda resembled a funky bunny thing. When I asked what that was from, she breezily said “DPA—we do it every morning from the big speaker.”

Yes, I was just as mystified as you are right now. Especially since she kept singing “reverse, reverse” and dancing like a spastic chipmunk. I chalked it up to things that four-year-olds do and went on with my day.

Well, today the mystery was revealed. I dropped Brianna off at class with the treats for her Halloween party. Over the school’s PA system instead of the boring principal’s announcements about a pep rally or a bake sale, some Fresh Prince wannabee was rapping a series of dance moves over a funky tune. The eight-graders had come into the class to show the kindergarten kids the dance moves. Apparently, they do this every day for 10–20 minutes. It’s called Daily Physical Activity and it even has a web site.

“Step up, slide left, slide right, jump four times, slide back…”

It’s amazing what kids are learning in school these days. I feel old. ;^)

2 thoughts on “DPA

  1. No one so old as the parent of a big kid :)

    I thought that DPA was going to be some cool mindfulness exercise, although I bet the kids like the jumping about more.

    My son picked up an old Paula Abdul CD the other night, and I put it on the stereo, and wow they were both shaking their booty quite delightedly.



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