A strange thing for a doctor to say

So, when I was sick. again. last week, I went to the doctor for an inspection and a note for work. I told her that I am sick of catching every single bug that comes by and catching it hard. There must be something I can do to boost my immune system.

Then she said a very strange thing. I should get outside, in the sun or at least the daylight, every day for 15 minutes. Not exercise, although walking is bonus, but to just be in the sun.

It’s an unusual thing for a doctor to say, because we don’t envision our doctors saying something like that. Doctors aren’t supposed to think about the entire organism, are they? I’m glad I’ve found one who does. It’s a wonderful prescription, on many levels. I think I’m going to enjoy making it a priority in my life.

Yesterday, I went and sat down on a snowy bench beneath the pine trees and did zazen for a few minutes as the hush that comes with a gentle snowfall settles in and welcomes the tumbling frozen flakes to earth. It’s a nice hush and it was good to be able to experience it in the parking lot at work.

I’m looking forward to sesshin, even though I have a bit of the pre-sesshin nerves almost. I still allow myself to worry about it for some reason. I’m scared to face myself. I’m scared that somehow I won’t be up to the task. Time to just let it all go.

Time to just let it all go.