Moved in for 2007

After a hellish two weeks of packing, squeezing in some Xmas celebrations with Bryan’s family, packing more, moving with movers, moving the stuff the movers didn’t move, and finally cleaning the old place as we emptied it room by room, we are moved in to our new apartment. Pay no attention to the boxes piled high to the ceiling, this is now home.

Home is lacking a few things: no curtains in the livingroom, a sheet covering the bedroom window, a dining room table piled high with boxes so that we eat on our laps in the livingroom. However, the bathroom is pretty much all set up—I celebrated that accomplishment with a well-earned shower. The kitchen is starting to shape up as well.

To sum it up into one sentence: we have too much stuff. Way, way too much. I intended to get rid of a good chunk of it as I was packing, but there was this nasty little fever (104.1, woo hoo!) that knocked me on my ass for a week during prime packing/sorting/giving away time. So we ended up throwing everything into boxes (thank you Stephanie for your help!) and now I’m doing the sort thing. As it comes out of the box, I decide where it should live: kitchen, in-apartment-storage, or give it to Value Village. There’s also the option of the garbage chute that is being well used.

It’s truly amazing how much detritus gathers in the process of living. For example, I’ve decided to donate the angel food cake pan that I acquired more than five years ago and have yet to use. If I really want angel food cake, I’ll buy it from the bakery. This occurs approximately once or twice a year anyway.

So we’re beginning the new year with a significant shedding of stuff. After the last few years, it feels decidedly delicious and I am actually enjoying that aspect of the process.

We’re bruised, bleeding, and weary. Bryan and I have worked our asses off for the past two weeks, sometimes surpassing our limits in unhappy ways. But we’re done moving, yay!

We spent New’s Year Eve with Mike and Nicole, crashing at their place, which was wonderful as always. I almost cried this morning thinking that this would be the last time we could do this, since they are moving to Qatar. Then, I just thought I better save my $$ so we can buy airline tickets to Doha and celebrate 2008 in the company of friends I adore. But they’re probably gonna be back here visiting anyway.

Here’s hoping 2007 is a better year than the last two. I’m ready!