What’s Wrong with the American Health Care “System”?

Well, for starters, if you lack private insurance at the end of your life, live in Tennessee, and need nursing home care, the state of Tennessee will try to nab your home after you die. Somebody has to pay for all that nursing home care and the state feels that it oughta be you.

This is officially referred to as a “Medicaid estate-recovery program.” It is required by the federal government (wave hi to George Bush!) and states that object, as West Virginia tried to do, could lose their federal matching funds.

At the same time, “socialized” medicine, like we have in Canada, is a thinly veiled commie/socialist plot to overthrow the capitalist/imperialist system that America has so very carefully cultivated. If you want health care, get a damn job! Otherwise, you are just a burden on all the hard-working American taxpayers who have jobs and fund the system.

It’s the American way, dontcha know. Healthcare isn’t a universal right, allow the free market system to set conditions and provide services. And if you can’t afford it, it sucks to be you.

It’s times like this that I am ashamed to be an American citizen.