Holly Hippodays!

Brianna woke this morning about 7:15 and we all wandered downstairs in our bathrobes to see what Santa hath wrought.

One month shy of four years old is a good age for Christmas. Brianna was most happy that Santa ate the cookies she left out, and drank the milk. And his reindeer ate the carrot and drank the water she left for them too!

Her first comment, on seeing a teddy bear jigsaw puzzle poking out of her stocking was “I didn’t want that!” She got over it though. The entire morning followed the ebb and flow of her mood: candy before breakfast = grumpy, Barbie and the 3 dancing princesses = happy delerium, lovely wooden kitchen set made her happy but she was downright bitchy about getting Daddy to put it together “right now”! Her mood improved after she ate some breakfast (my new xmas tradition of the 24-hour omelet—yum!).

We didn’t spend a crazy amount of money, but she did make out like a bandit. She got lots of new puzzles, an activity that she seriously enjoys, as well as plenty of pencils/notebooks/colouring books and a magnetic construction set. Santa brought the Barbies—he got to handle the faddish commercial aspects. Everything from Mommy and Daddy was imaginative and open ended. I’m pretty proud of that. It’s hard to decide what to give your kid, especially when she cries “I want that!” with every single commercial seen on Treehouse TV. But when she writes her letter to Santa and asks for “Barbie and the 3 Dancing Princesses” (yes, I know it’s 12, but Brianna pointed out to me that “the tv is wrong mommy—it’s Barbie and the 3 Dancing Princesses!” Who am I to argue that logic?). When I picked her up from school last week, she and all of her friends had listed what they wanted for Christmas on a big sheet of paper. Yep, you guessed it: Barbie and the 3 Dancing Princesses. Among all the “i want it”s, Barbie was the constant that kept coming up again and again. So I knew that Santa needed to deliver.

So even though Barbie’s light-up and spinning skirt has gotten quite the workout this morning, I’m very happy to see that Miss Bri is making soup and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and heating up pizza in her oven. Yay! Something that may actually outlast the dancing princess phenomenon.

We scored the kitchen set from Mastermind Toys, my favorite toy store. They aren’t cheap, but they are consistently good. Bryan reports that the little kitchen set was extremely well made with machine screws that fit like a dream. I like that it’s made of wood and not brightly coloured plastic advertising a cartoon character and singing annoying songs at a stupidly high volume. Hmm, that Waldorf philosophy must be rubbing off on me.

So while I’m finding this holiday season to be marked by my mood of primary irritability, I managed to enjoy myself this morning. The obligatory family celebration is this afternoon/evening and I am definitely not looking forward to it. Certain adult family members specialise in irritating. My mantra is “Focus on the kids. Focus on the kids. Focus on the kids.” Between that and a batch of pomegranate martinis, I should be okay.

Here’s hoping your christmas day is a merry one. And if, like the family of James Brown, you are grieving this holiday season, know my heart is with you. Like life, the holidays are a mixture of joy and sadness, celebration and loss. And its okay to be where you’re at. It’s okay to be where I’m at.