hello world redux

This is a place for saying things that need to be said, for speaking things that need to be spoken. A place for speaking truth to power and a place for speaking the truth of the powerless.

It is a place of radical acceptance. A journey into darkness and back again.

I’m not quite sure what it is. Yet. But it is going to grow into something powerful and profound, deep and deeply healing.

In a sense, this is my story, my journey. But it is not only my story, it is the story of many. A story that avoids being told. An uncomfortable, painful story. A story of healing. A story of ending violence by acceptance. A story of learning, growing, falling down, and getting back up again.

This is the story of a little girl who had terrible things done to her.

When she grew up, she did terrible things to herself. When she had a child, she started doing terrible things to her own daughter.

This is the story of how she stopped. How I stopped.

Let us begin…