Life These Days

Life these days has consisted of work, home, childcare, laundry, cooking, cleaning, sleep, repeat. My biggest challenge is simply adjusting to what most people in my social realm consider “normal” life. After so many years of living in crisis mode, I find the biggest issue I have to deal with is anxiety. My spirit is conditioned to expect the worst is sneaking up on me: a fist in the back as I’m washing the dishes or a cruel demeaning remark riding on the heels of a success. I’m doing fairly well at work—okay, so they gave me dinner out at the Keg and a movie gift certificate for doing a good job on my first manual for an ASIC product. I’m loving what I do and I really enjoy 99% of the people I work with. Even the 1% that I don’t actively enjoy are easily tolerated.

So why are my anxiety levels so high? I don’t really know. I could bump my meds up a notch again, but I don’t think that more pills are really the answer. I think the answer is to learn to enjoy my life, successful and happy times included.

My weight is growing, slowly and steadily. Not because my diet is bad—I actually eat quite well. It’s more that I have a significant emotional eating issues. I eat when I feel stressed. And I feel stressed a lot. Rather than turning to Atkins or some other diet fad, I think they real solution is to deal with my stress.

How? I’m writing more in my journal. I’m now seeing a chiropractor once a month. I’m looking into getting hypnosis. This last item is the one I’m most hopeful for. I’ve been through therapy, I understand my issues. That’s not what I need to address. I need to address the repetitive negative thoughts that spring forth, unbidden, into my mind. I think hypnotherapy can be an effective means of addressing them. Here’s hoping anyway.

I think I also need to book regular massage therapy appointments.

Last night, we used that Keg gift certificate (yum!) and I took Bryan to see “300”. Gory, violent, so obviously drawn from the pages of a most excellent graphic novel. I enjoyed it immensely. I have a thing for Greek history and mythology—the story is based on the battle of Thermopylae in anciet Greece. And behind the blood and gore, there were some intensely beautiful bodies to look at. (drool)  It was just fun. Bryan really enjoyed the deeper political implications: the refusal to submit to someone else’s idea of religion and the fight for freedom on that account. The cinematography was also most excellent. It looked like a graphic novel. Truly, watching it on the small screen would not have done it justice.Today, Brianna is going to a birthday party for 5-year-old twins at a local gymnastics centre. Fun!Yesterday, we stood in line for an hour and a half to submit our passport applications. Mine and Bryan’s are in, but I have to drive back to Whitby this week after I locate Brianna’s long form birth certificate. Apparently, if you’re not married when you have a baby, you need the longer document to prove parentage. Fortunately, I get to jump to the front of the line, so it may actually be doable on a long lunch hour.

So that’s where I’m at. Spring is a good thing.

The Definition of “D’oh!”

In 1982 or so, a couple from Mission, British Columbia came to the sad conclusion that the world was heading directly to hell in a hand-basket and faced the bleak inevitability of nuclear war.

Wanting to avoid such nasty things as radiation poisoning and societal breakdown, they decided to find a nice, small island far far away from the possibility of ICBMs ruining their day.

They found exactly what they were looking for and moved to a little town named Stanley on the Falkland Islands.

Six months later, Argentina invaded.


Health Matters

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty odd: my stress level was very high, I often felt like crying for no particular reason, I was convinced I was doing something wrong at work and my manager wasn’t happy with my performance. Like having PMS, but it’s the wrong time in my cycle for that.

Then I remembered that my psychiatrist and I had agreed to lower the dosage of my anti-depressants (Zoloft). Ah-ha! Now I know what’s going on.

The decision to reduce my meds is multi-faceted. First, I’m doing really well and it’s a good time to juggle such things. Second, I’ve gained a lot of weight because of the anti-depressants and it’s making me depressed (not really optimal, is it?). Third, I know I need to support my brain, but I would like to do so with the least amount of medication possible. It just makes sense to reduce or eliminate meds when and where possible, noting that it’s likely that I will be on some form of medication for the rest of my life.

It’s a good feeling when my psychiatrist says to me “You are doing great–what a difference from the first time I met you!” Yay me!

And then, the universe provides.

Just this morning, an email went out at work. The company is sponsoring an eight-week walking fit program, including a free pedometer, with online tracking et al. Now one thing I know is that a regular exercise program (walking 30-minutes a day) is one of nature’s most effective anti-depressants, besides being a fundamental component of a weight-loss program.

Of course I signed up! It starts April 2 and in the process of chatting with the team admin assistant about it, I now have a walking buddy to work with!

I can do this. I am doing this, and I’m taking good care of myself in the process.

Now that’s a win!

Random Thoughts on Recalls

“Durex Canada is recalling its Confirm Clearly Smart Pregnancy Test”

  • Apparently it’s not clear or smart.

“Ford is recalling a popular model sold as a police cruiser because some of the cars’ wheels may develop cracks”

  • Are you sure you want to sell defective cars to the cops?

“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning the public not to drink Jermuk Classic brand Natural Sparkling Mineral Water because it may contain excessive levels of arsenic.”

  • I don’t know about you, but I consider any level of arsenic excessive.